My Equipment for Outdoor

Below you will find a listing of my equipment.


For hiking you first need suitable shoes. There are several things to consider. Softer shoes are more comfortable, but make the feet tired faster on long hikes, because they are less supported by the shoe. I myself have a rather hard hiking shoe, but I still find very comfortable and can easily hike over 10h in one day.
Hiking boots Hanwag

A question that comes up again and again is: Hiking poles yes or no? On the one hand they relieve the legs, on the other hand they are supposed to harm the balance. I myself take them with me when it goes longer downhill and use them only when going downhill. So I get less quickly sore muscles.
Hiking poles Leki

What must not be missing on any hike is a backpack. I myself am a fan of Deuter and have been hiking for years with these. I myself have the backpack rather slightly larger than normally recommended, but I also have enough space. For day hikes I recommend one around 30 liters, for multi-day hikes a 50+10 liter backpack. So you have enough space for tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. If you sleep indoors and do not need a sleeping bag, the 32 liter backpack should do it for a few days.
My backpack for day hikes: Deuter Futura 32
My backpack for multi-day trips: Deuter Aircontact Lite 50 + 10

Who wants to camp while hiking needs a robust and lightweight tent. Here I have the classic par excellence. The MSR Hubba Hubba is under 2kg heavy and yet very robust. I stayed dry in it even when it rained heavily outside.
Trekking tent MSR Hubba Hubba

What should also not be missing is a headlamp. This should give enough light. So you can continue hiking when it gets dark without putting yourself in danger. With mine I have already hiked in a pitch dark forest several hours steeply upwards and always had enough light.
Headlamp PETZK Tikka


Snowshoes are available in different price ranges. Who wants to make very heavy tours, also needs appropriate shoes. I opted for a rather cheaper model, which has a very good binding and is more than enough for normal snowshoe hikes.
Snowshoes Tubbs Flex VRT